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Superior Outdoors Offers Superb Landscape Services

If your Ogden, UT lawn needs sprucing up, call Superior Outdoors for landscape installation and sprinkler services. We provide quality products at affordable rates so your yard can look and stay beautiful on any budget. Our service area extends to Weber, Davis, and Box Elder counties, so we can help beautify Ogden and the surrounding area. Your yard is an extension of your home. Let us help you maintain it. Whether your yard is frequented by kids out to play, pets enjoying the sunshine, or filled with guests for a barbecue, it should be well kept. Contact us today for top-notch repairs or purchase our premier landscape materials for your next DIY yard project.

Our Sprinkler Services & Landscape Products

At Superior Outdoors, our suite of sprinkler services is designed to help you get the most from your outdoor spaces. Whether you require sprinkler repair or are in the process of installing new sprinklers, we have a range of options available for you. We’ve been serving customers in Ogden, UT, and the surrounding counties for years. Our expert team is dedicated to providing detail-oriented work at affordable rates. Look below to learn more about our landscape installation and repair services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help.

Sprinkler Repair

If you need top-level sprinkler repair expertise, Superior Outdoors has you covered. Ensuring you have the most luscious backyard on your block means keeping your sprinkler system in the best working condition. We use the top tools in the business to ensure all repairs are done correctly, the first time. As the weather heats up and you’re spending more time outside, it is vital to ensure your sprinkler repairs are taken care of. Whether you need help with sprinkler heads or other parts of your irrigation system need maintenance, our certified team can provide top-level service to your landscape.

Sprinkler Installation

Did you recently buy a new house and want to get your outdoor areas looking lush and full of life? Getting a professionally installed sprinkler system is key to allowing your grass, plants, and flowers to bloom with ease during the hot summer months. Our top-of-the-line sprinkler systems ensure that no matter the size and scope of your front and backyard areas, you can water every inch with ease. Our eco-friendly models help save you money and water over time, and our hassle-free sprinkler installation process ensures our team does all of the work for you! Sit back and relax while our professional team installs a gorgeous new system on your property today.

Spring Startups and Winterization

From ensuring your system is ready for spring to keeping your system in check during the freezing winter months, Superior Outdoors provides top level startups and winterization services for your sprinkler system. The changing of the seasons can be rough for the equipment, and our professional team does a thorough inspection and set of maintenance procedures to keep your system ready for the seasons ahead.


In addition to professional sprinkler systems, Superior Outdoors can also outfit your property with top-quality sod, allowing the grassy areas of your landscaping to grow lush and beautiful. Our Kentucky bluegrass sod is a premium blend grown in Idaho. With our sod, your grass will maintain top quality year-round. This low-maintenance, ultra-efficient solution allows your front or backyard grass to be bold, beautiful, and thick. This easy-to-care-for, exclusive sod is only available through Superior Outdoors in Ogden, UT. Call today to learn more!

Landscape Renovations

Want to spruce up the curb appeal of your yard with some landscape renovations? Superior Outdoors has the solution for you. We offer exquisite landscape design for the picture-perfect lawn you always imagined. Select the rocks, stones, and other landscaping materials that will breathe life into your design. These materials can add depth and dimension to your yard or serve as a focal point of the space. Our landscaping design experts can help you select the materials that best compliment your design aspirations. Find the perfect additions to accent your deck or patio, or outfit the space surrounding your pond or garden.

Landscaping Design That’s in the Details

We’ll complete your unique landscape renovation with plants and shrubbery, all highlighted with pristine edging. While the front yard will increase curb appeal, the backyard can function as a much more dynamic and creative space. Fortunately, we have a vast array of options for flowering gardens, privacy trees, firepits, relaxing water fixtures, and more. Of course, the fancy fixtures are appealing, but the magic that will set your lawn apart lies in the details. Our services help to define your landscaping space. Whatever your vision, our designers will work with you to make it happen. Transform your yard into a stunning space with the help of Superior Outdoors today!

Contact Us Today 

Beautify your lawn with Superior Outdoors’ top-tier sprinkler and landscaping services. You deserve lush grass year-round. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help your lawn look its best through all the Utah seasons.

Contact the professional sprinkler team in Ogden, UT, today at Superior Outdoors 801-941-2017!


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