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High-Quality Sod in Ogden

Superior Outdoors has the premium-quality sod you need to keep your property looking its best. Our Premium Kentucky bluegrass sod is grown in Idaho on fertile soil that is just right for cultivating beautiful, thick grass in northern Utah. Let us help you make your front lawn the showpiece of the neighborhood by placing an order for our high-quality sod today.

Our expert team knows that a high-quality turf is essential for keeping grass green throughout the year, no matter what seasonal changes affect your region. Since there’s no need to reseed, you and your family can enjoy your beautiful new lawn year after year without major upkeep. We use only the very finest Kentucky bluegrass sod, so we can pass the superior quality and unmatched value along to our clients. Call Superior Outdoors today and learn how you can have the same sod that is used by exclusive golf courses across the country installed in your yard.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

The best quality sod is essential for maintaining a beautiful, thick green lawn on your property year-round. Choosing Superior Outdoors for your sod is a great way to ensure that your landscape is receiving the best possible start, because a top-quality Kentucky bluegrass essentially repairs itself. There’s no need to reseed our low-maintenance, high-profile sod—it’s durable enough to withstand virtually all climate types and requires no upkeep beyond installation and basic lawn care services such as watering and mowing. It’s the perfect no-muss, no-fuss solution for maintaining a lush, green lawn without spending endless hours on yard work.

Sod Pricing

All Sod – $0.35 per sq. ft

* effective June 1st, 2020

2,500+ Delivery Available

Not only is our exclusive sod easy to care for, but it is also an affordable choice. We offer competitive sod prices for homeowners in Weber, Davis, and Box Elder counties, and provide our clients with an unparalleled product and outstanding service. Our customers know they can depend on us for all their landscaping and lawn care needs—from purchasing sod to learning how to maintain it. Because we also sell and install sprinklers, we know a lot about how to install sod for the very best results. Homeowners who want a beautiful green lawn know there’s one name to trust: Superior Outdoors!

Buy sod with Superior Outdoors

If you’re ready to upgrade your lawn to the best quality sod for your money, it all starts with a phone call to Superior Outdoors. We’re conveniently located in Ogden, UT, and are available to answer any questions you may have about our sod, including quality and pricing. We work with homeowners throughout northern Utah, and our knowledgeable team is able to tackle jobs both large and small. If you’re considering a sod installation or landscape renovation, get a price from our team. We’ll be happy to put one together for you—just give us a call (801) 941-2017!

Call our office to put in a sod order today! Delivered right to your front steps.

Gladly Serving Our Neighbors in Weber, Davis & Box Elder Counties