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Rely on Superior Outdoors for Exquisite Landscape Design

landscape renovations and installation services | superior outdoors - Ogden, UT

Have you always yearned for a lush landscape like the ones you see featured in movies and magazines? Superior Outdoors is proud to offer landscape renovations and installation for our neighbors in Ogden, Utah, and surrounding areas in Weber, Davis, and Box Elder Counties. During your initial consultation, our landscapers will listen closely to your needs and wants. We may also ask questions about your landscaping maintenance preferences to determine how hands-on you want to be going forward. Finally, we’ll come up with the picture-perfect landscape design that meets all your requirements and begin your new landscape installation. We may remove any unwanted plants or shrubbery that won’t be featured in the new landscape design. Adjustments to your soil or irrigation zones may also be necessary to ensure the sustainability of your new landscaping elements. All of this will be discussed thoroughly during the landscape design process.

A Few Words About Installing Landscape Edging

landscaping rocks in ogden, UT | Superior Outdoors

Landscape edging helps define your landscaping space, especially if you have a garden or flowerbed. Not only does edging make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but you’ll find it’s a lot easier to weed your garden or flowerbed if you have edging. The type of landscape edging you choose is important depending on what type of plants you have in your space. Smooth, paved edging can make it more convenient to mow around the area, although stone tile and brick edging also make popular design choices.

Selecting Landscaping Rocks & Other Landscape Materials

Adding landscaping rocks and other landscape materials is what separates an amateur from an expert landscape design. Landscape materials add depth and dimension, as well as a focal point to any space. If you’re like most homeowners, choosing landscaping materials may feel more than a little daunting. Superior Outdoors sells many landscape materials, including premium-quality sod, decorative rock, mulch, topsoil, colored bark, flagstone, sand, boulders, and more. We’d be happy to suggest various landscape materials depending on your preferences and budget. And whenever you need replacement landscape materials for your future deck, patio, or landscaping projects, all you have to do is give us a call for same-day delivery in the Ogden area!

Front Yard & Backyard Landscaping from Superior Outdoors

Installing Landscape Edging | Superior Outdoors - Ogden UT

Your front yard and backyard have very different needs when it comes to landscaping. The front yard is usually more about establishing curb appeal since it’s what passersby will notice first. You’ll want to ensure all of the plants and shrubbery in the front yard come together in a cohesive landscape design that enhances the architectural style and beauty of your home. The backyard can be a bit more creative with flowering gardens, privacy trees, firepits, and relaxing water features, such as a fountain or pond. Luckily for you, the landscapers at Superior Outdoors know what it takes to create a stunning front or backyard that you’ll be proud to show off to the neighbors.

Call Superior Outdoors for a Landscape Renovation or Installation

The outdoors were meant to be enjoyed. Don’t settle for less-than-satisfactory landscape design. Call Superior Outdoors for the quality landscape renovation or installation you deserve in Weber, Davis, or Box Elder County, Utah. Whether you want to add landscape lighting, a firepit, walkways, or water features, we’d be happy to take a look at your property and make some expert recommendations with a free estimate. We also offer same-day landscape material delivery for do-it-yourselfers.