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Seasonal Sprinkler System Maintenance in Ogden, UT


Watering your lawn is super easy with an automatic sprinkler system. Your system needs periodic maintenance, especially when the seasons change, so it can work efficiently. The right start-up in the spring and shut down in the fall ensure its long-term health. Our expert professionals are here to provide these key services during any season.

Superior Outdoors Sprinkler Pros will help you minimize wasteful over-watering and optimize your system for a polished lawn. Our Spring & Fall check-ups ensure that your system is running smoothly.

sprinkler repair services in Ogden, ut

Ogden Utah Spring Start-Up Service

Superior Outdoors certified sprinkler technicians focus not only on turning your system on in the spring but optimizing it for efficient performance throughout the season. Our start-up checklist includes:

  • Ensure water supply is on
  • Prime the mainlines
  • Verify operation at each point
  • Adjust for full coverage
  • Check for leaks
  • Clear growth from around each head
  • Test controllers
  • Calibrate runtime for spring
  • Check rain sensors
  • Identify repairs

Fall Winterization & Blow-Out Services

We perform a thorough check and preparation to make sure your system doesn’t break down due to freezing. We check every part of the system before the temperatures drop below freezing point to avoid damage. Superior Outdoors experts are your best bet to protect your sprinklers from winter freeze damage, so your system can resume with full functionality the next season.

Gladly Serving Our Neighbors in Weber, Davis & Box Elder Counties