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Protect Your Pipes with Sprinkler Winterization in Ogden, UT

If you have a sprinkler system for your Ogden, UT home, you’ll want to reach out to Superior Outdoors for sprinkler winterization before the temperatures fall this coming winter. Sprinkler systems do wonders for watering your lawn in the warmer months, keeping it lush and green through several seasons. When winter falls, it is pertinent to preserve your sprinkler system, so it can resume its duties maintaining your yard when the ground thaws the coming spring. Without proper sprinkler winterization, your sprinkler pipes can freeze, break down, and even burst. Our Superior Outdoors team can inspect and service your sprinkler pipes prior to freezing weather to ensure your system is safe for the frigid months to come. Contact us to learn more about choosing sprinkler winterization for your yard.

Caring for Your Sprinkler System in Freezing Weather

sprinkler winterizationThe best way to care for your sprinkler system through the frigid winters is to call in our team to complete a proper shut down in the fall and then a start-up in the spring. Our fall winterization and blow-out services are the first steps to preparing for winter. While Utah’s bear population will be gearing up for hibernation, you should be getting your sprinkler pipes ready for winterization. The experts here at Superior Outdoors will perform a thorough inspection of your pipes to ensure the system won’t break down due to freezing. Each component of the system should be checked before temperatures dip below freezing. We use the blow-out method to ensure water doesn’t get trapped in your pipes and freeze in the winter. Conducting a blow-out of your sprinkler system is relatively dangerous and should not be attempted without great care. The blow-out consists of our professional technicians shutting off the water supply, attaching a diesel air compressor to the system, and using pressurized air to dry the pipes.

Benefits of Sprinkler Winterization

sprinkler repair services in Ogden, utWithout proper winterization and spring start-up, you could lose the functionality of your sprinkler system altogether. Protecting your pipes from winter freeze damage means you decrease the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting, which can compromise the entire system. Opting for regular maintenance on your sprinkler system, for seasonal changes or otherwise, preserves the longevity of your pipes.  With our help, you can enjoy a healthy, green lawn each spring, no matter how harsh the winter. Without winterization, you could be left without lush grass and the added cost of repairing or even replacing your sprinklers.

Contact Us to Get Through the Winter Without Issue

Don’t run the risk of your sprinkler pipes freezing this winter. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with costly repairs this spring by opting for our routine winterization services. Protect your sprinkler system from the harsh winter, so you can enjoy the lush greenery of a well-watered lawn when the snow melts away. You won’t regret calling on our expert team for winterization services for your Ogden, UT home.

Contact us today to learn more about the winterization process and how you can preserve your yard’s irrigation system this winter.